Thank you for your interest in the Great Bay Corvette Club.
As President, allow me to welcome you as a potential member!

Great Bay Corvette Club is a Non Profit Corporation created for any Corvette owner who is looking to have fun, be low key, and enjoys giving back to the community. We are dedicated to giving back to those who are less fortunate. Charity work is an essential element to the club founders.

Great Bay is one of over 600 Corvette Clubs throughout the United States and Canada. Our club was formed in 2013 by a small group of interested Corvette owners that were looking for a great avenue to share like ideas with an interest in having fun while giving back to the community.  Let’s face it, we’re all fortunate to be driving Corvettes and it’s always nice to give back.

We at GBCC  feel that each individual member is important and should have a chance to contribute to those things he or she has an interest in. Should you become a member of the Great Bay Corvette Club, you will be given the opportunity to help organize and run events, as well as participate in them.  Great input and ideas will always be welcomed.

The annual dues are $50.00 per household.  Check can be made out to ‘Great Bay Corvette Club’.  Dues are to be paid at time of application.  Current member dues are to be paid by December 31st for the next calendar year.

We have simple philosophies to follow:  No BS, no bitching, and have some fun while giving back!  BS and bitching won’t be tolerated and if a member chooses to do either, they will be asked to go away.  We will try not to be too formal, but we do have to follow laws when it comes to our club, but for the most part we try to encourage a laid back, comfortable atmosphere.


Steven F. Prefontaine

Download Application

Use the link above to download and print our application.
Mail the completed form to:
Great Bay Corvette Club
46 B Pine Road
Hudson, NH 03051-5302


Steven F. Prefontaine
Tel: (603) 396-4129

Lisa A. Dole
Tel: (603)234-9323

Thomas S. Crowley

Stephen M. Childs

E. Gail Strong

Sandy Werkelin


Steven F. Prefontaine, President

Sandy Werkelin, Vice President

Lisa A. Dole, Treasurer

Tina J. Miles, Secretary

Dave Grimshaw, Show Coordinator

Thom Keith, Webmaster, Membership Director

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